A defective product is a product that is found to be unreasonably dangerous to the user. This is when it is used in the way that it was intended to be used. In product liability law, the negligent party may be liable for damages if the product is found to have been dangerously defective or unsafe. If you have been injured, lost wages, or suffered other damages because of a defective product, you may be entitled to a financial settlement. Our expert defective product attorney will handle each step of the pre-trial and trial process (if necessary). They do so by building a case and filing the complaint and pre-trial litigation.

How do I know whether I should pursue a defective product claim?

If you believe you have purchased a defective product, there are several factors to consider when deciding whether to pursue a defective product claim:

  1. Safety: If the product poses a safety risk, you should take action to protect yourself and others. This may involve filing a defective product claim with the manufacturer or reporting the issue to a regulatory agency.
  2. Damage: If the defective product has caused damage to your property or other personal belongings, you may be entitled to compensation for those damages.
  3. Warranty: Check if the product came with a warranty or guarantee. If the product fails to perform as expected, you may be able to file a claim for a replacement or repair. This is if the warranty has not expired.
  4. Evidence: You will need evidence to support your claim, such as photographs, receipts, or witness statements. Keep any documentation related to the purchase and use of the product.
  5. Legal options: If you have exhausted all other options, you may want to consider consulting a lawyer to discuss your legal options.

Ultimately, the decision to pursue a defective product claim depends on your individual circumstances. Also the severity of the issue. If you have any doubts, it’s best to consult with a qualified product liability attorney. Those with experience can provide guidance on your specific situation.

Do I need a defective product attorney or can I handle my own product liability claim?

Personal injury claims can be complex. In order to know whether you even have a viable defective product claim, it is necessary to determine whether negligence was committed. If so, whether it was by the manufacturer, retailer, or distributor. From there, extensive work is required to gather information and build a case. And that’s before you get to filing the complaint and pre-trial litigation. The expertise and peace of mind that an attorney can bring to building a product liability case are invaluable. In addition, it is common for a lawyer to obtain a settlement five to twenty times the amount a person would receive by fighting for justice on their own.

How much do I have to pay to pursue a defective product claim?

There are no upfront costs or fees paid by our clients to pursue a product liability claim. We provide representation on a contingency fee basis for personal injury cases. While you will not incur any attorney fees if you do not win your case, Washington State law requires clients to reimburse the law firm for out-of-pocket expenses. Our firm advances out-of-pocket costs and does not require our injury clients to pay any of these costs upfront. When cases are concluded with a monetary recovery, our firm is repaid for the out-of-pocket costs we have advanced with a percentage of the settlement.

Experience Matters

Michael Tario opened the prominent Bellingham law firm Tario & Associates, P.S. in 1979, followed by the Mount Vernon office in 1988. Over the years the personal injury lawyers at the firm have helped thousands of people injured by defective products. We have done so in Mount Vernon and throughout Skagit County, Island, and Snohomish counties to receive fair compensation. This includes just treatment for their injuries. We provide FREE case evaluations and no attorney fees unless you recover damages.

If you or a loved one was injured by a defective product, you have enough to worry about. Let us give you peace of mind. Contact the experienced Mount Vernon defective products lawyers, Tario & Associates, P.S., at 360-336-6666 today.

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